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EESH Train all KMUTT Director team and staff training about fire drill

News - 27/6/2013

    26 June 2013 Assit.Proof. Prasert Kanthamanont.Dr. senior president assistant King Mongkuts University of Technology be the guest to open the training corse about Basic for Fire Drill for all staf...





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Suranaree University of Technology come for KMUTT Green University visited

News - 14/6/2013

    On 13 June Assit.Prof. Solod Suwanyoen,Dr. President Assistant of KMUTT welcomed to Building and Ground Division of Suranaree University of Technology staff leaded by Mr.Thanong Sriboon and his team f...





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World Environment Day ѹǴš

Information - 12/6/2013

    Commemorated every year on 5 June, World Environment Day is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political atte...







KMUTT inherit Thai culture Visakha Bhucha and National Tree Day

News - 27/5/2013

    For inherit Thai beauty and precious culture. Energy Environment Safety and Health (EESH) with Buddhists Club King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi has event Inherit Thai Culture KMUTT mak...





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Invite to ECO Tour #3′ Event

News - 16/5/2013

    Please join us on 18 May 2013 in Bike, Save us, Save earth, Plant Mangrove, See shells, See crabs Greeting with blenny at Bang Khuntien beach. On Bangmod Campus Bang Khuntien Campus route and by...





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KMUTT Witsawa Wattana Bld. Fire drills and prepared.

News - 14/5/2013

    King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi Emergency Respond Procedure in Energy Environment Safety and Health (EESH) training and practicing on fire drills for theory and practice at Witsawa W...





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KMUTT Bang Khuntiens Campus welcome cyclists. Be the centre of the cyclist.

News - 1/5/2013

    On 28 April 2013 King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi welcomed the cyclists from Prop Bike team and the other cyclists team that interested on this event included 200 people. We bike on ...





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EESH ECO Tour KMUTT bike for the World Event

News - 1/5/2013

    On 27 April 20013 Energy Environment Safety and Health (EESH) in King Mongkuts University of Technology Thonburi had EESHECO Tour KMUTT bike the World event. In this event we choose bike route on K...





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Opening of Ethanol ED95 Public Bus Line Project

News - 18/4/2013

    KMUTT Help Saving Energy by Ethanol ED95 Public Bus Line ServicePosted The Minister of Energy,Mr Pongsak Ruktapongpisal , will perside over the opening of Ethanol Ed95 Public Bus Line Project ...





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News - 17/4/2013

    ѹ 11 ¹ 2556 ͧ ǪҡѧѴᴹҤç ҹ 蹷 19 Է෤վШҸ ҧѡС¹ ·ȹ...





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