since October 1, 2002


Safety Training
     According to laboratory's CHP policy, Laboratory officer must do
          1. According to KMUTT's regulation, laboratory officer must be trained and pay attention to safety laboratory training
          2. Training in specific laboratory that involved in hazardous chemical, biological infection and dangerous equipment.
          3. Documenting and writing down work continuously
     Training is the main element for safety training course. Training is set up standard and legally.
     November 1983, Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) print Hazard Communication Standard that quoting some part of "Right-to Know" legal. May 1990, OSHA provided regulation that is "Standard of working with hazardous chemical in laboratory" is general called "Standard of safety in laboratory". These standards are set up to protect officer from hazardous chemical. KMUTT provided safety rule followed these standards.
     The Right-to Know legislation requires :
          Chemical company assess hazard of chemical to user
          Chemical company and user must inform harm of chemical in laboratory to officer by informing harm in laboratory document or program.
          Informing harm in laboratory document or program consist of hazardous chemical label, material safety data sheets (MSDS), warning signs and training program.
          KMUTT propagate Right-to-Know legislation to every laboratory to list all hazardous chemical in laboratory every 6 months for emergency situation.
The Laboratory Safety Standard Legislation requires :
To specify the kind of harm
          KMUTT has to control its officers working in its laboratories to get chemicals lower than the permission
          KMUTT must write and promote to follow CHP generally or specifically include apprenticing, working procedures and plans that protect laboratory officer from every hazardous chemical in laboratory.
          Training officer must consider harm of chemical in laboratory.
          Consulting and annual health screening by specific doctor.
          Using appropriate respirator.